The brief

The first part of the process is aimed at getting the very best brief. High Growth firmly believes that the better the brief, the better the outcome, because if you really know what you’re looking for, you are much more likely to find it.

The company

High Growth works with you to explore your company’s situation and culture, to determine your perception of the company and how you would like to be seen by others.

The position

High Growth job descriptions are live documents that use active language. We define the accountabilities of the post, citing examples of tasks that will be undertaken, in order to achieve the greatest possible clarity about what the position involves.

We look at the responsibilities of the role, including staff, budget, internal and external contacts and the decision-making authority within the role.

We define the skills, knowledge and experience being sought.

We cover qualifications, what success looks like in the role and key performance indicators, creating a draft job description. This is then passed to the company, where active participation is encouraged to ensure that the company feels it has ownership of the document. The document is then signed off and will be ideal for the performance management of your new employee.

High Growth can support your business to facilitate a culture change by focusing on candidates who have the requisite different characteristics and by coaching your existing personnel.