High Growth for Directors and Senior Managers

You know, better than anyone, that at the heart of business success lies a vibrant and fully-functioning team. Nothing is more difficult than adding to that team, or replacing a member, without creating friction and a lack of balance, slowing everything down until the team re-calibrates.

Not so using the High Growth STARS™ system. We drill down to identify exactly what kind of person you need to achieve your business objectives.

We can search globally to find the right candidates, and we take them through an innovative and revealing selection process which shows up their real qualities (and any shortcomings) and ensures that you get the person you need, your team needs, your business needs.

The new person in post is supported by a trained High Growth business coach to underpin strong performance in their new position.

Find out more about our unique recruitment system or simply call us directly and explore how we can help you get the best person for the job, every time.

Do take a quick look at the testimonial and case studies below then give us a call.

Testimonial for a UK Sales Manager in the Waste Equipment Sector

High Growth Recruitment Testimonial

We opted to use High Growth for this assignment having also considered two very big players in the recruitment market. We liked the new thinking that they were bringing to the situation.

I was really impressed with the workshop approach that High Growth applied to the selection process. In a tough but enjoyable day, we worked with the candidates and were able to see them perform. By the close we really understood what we might be getting and went on to make a great hire. High Growth was passionate about the process and delivered the result I needed.

We have repeated this process several times because we have been so pleased with the results achieved.

This is really a great way of eliminating 90% of the uncertainty involved in hiring excellent people.

High Growth Recruitment Testimonial

Peter Selkirk
Chairman, E.H.Taylor & Co.Ltd.
October 2011

Case studies

Marketing Manager for a yoghurt drinks business £2m turnover

A client, also in the fresh foods arena, recommended this company to use High Growth following a very successful assignment for him. This new client was entrepreneurial, very ambitious and very passionate about his company which now needed a professional marketer to position the product range, develop new outlets and help grow the top line sales.

The job brief required an experienced person who really understood quality brands but was prepared to get their hands dirty and muck in. This proved to be a difficult assignment for a demanding client but High Growth persisted and got a good outcome, much to the client’s pleasure.

Product Manager for the UK business of a global engineered products company £55m UK turnover

The UK MD decided to change the mix of experience in the dealer facing team by employing a Product Manager to work alongside both marketing and sales staff and he was attracted to High Growth because of its innovative thinking and thorough processes. A large pool of applicants resulted in some fine candidates being put through their paces at the employing company’s premises with the MD and Sales Director in close attendance all day.

One of the exercises involved a substantial piece of equipment specified for commercial markets and this differentiated the best from the rest. The role was offered to and accepted by the top candidate and she became very influential in the team. Such was her contribution that a second Product Manager was brought in, again via High Growth.