High Growth for HR Managers

HR Management isn’t really about ‘human resources’ – it’s about looking after people.

Helping the people in your company grow and develop, reaching higher in their careers and in their personal satisfaction than they ever believed possible, that is perhaps the deepest pleasure for someone like you.

Through our carefully developed and rigorously structured 5-stage STARS™ system, we identify precisely the personal qualities and skills the post-holder will need to have, how they will fit into the company culture and the company strategy, and how they will help their team, and the business move forward.

By knowing precisely the kind of person needed, we are able to create the right advertisements, and place them in the right places, to attract the right candidates.

Our unique selection process swiftly eliminates those who are not quite the right fit, whether in temperament, skill or outlook, while our after-appointment coaching ensures that the successful candidate is supported through the inevitable shifts and accommodations that will be required in the first few months in a fresh situation.

To find out more about how we can help you and your company through a trouble free recruitment experience, and promote success at the highest levels, call us now. We will be happy to simply talk through what we do and what we can do for you.

Do take a quick look at the testimonial and case studies below then give us a call.

Testimonial for an Accounts Team Member in the Academic Sector

High Growth Recruitment Testimonial

High Growth was our first choice when we came to fill a position in our Accounts Department at the end of 2011. This proved to be an excellent choice as the professionalism and thoroughness of preparation paid dividends when it came to providing an excellent short list to execute final interviews.

This final selection could have come from almost any of the candidates at the Selection event, such was the calibre of people who had come through High Growth’s earlier assessment steps.

High Growth provided a good value and excellent service in this extremely difficult field of recruitment and we will always consider them for future staff selection.

High Growth Recruitment Testimonial

Richard Berry
St Hilda's College, Oxford.
April 2012

Case studies

Management Accountant for a fresh foods company £3m turnover

Substantial investment from the plc owners of this business was behind a relocation to new larger premises and the establishment of a small management team to support the General Manager. One of these three positions was for a fully qualified MA, the only finance person in the UK operation and with a functional boss in Eire.

With an accurate Job description and well-thought through personal attributes, High Growth was able to target a small number of people and make the appointment. The MA settled in well but with the support of the High Growth coach, as a considerable cultural adjustment was necessary in his case.

Senior Project Manager for a leading engineering fabricator £22m turnover

This company was having serious issues with recruitment and retention of key senior engineers and High Growth was retained to bring new thinking to resolve the situation. The organised and rigorous recruitment processes were stress tested but proved to be more than adequate as this and three other senior positions, including the Quality Manager role, were successfully filled in a 12 month period enabling the business to grow in to new market segments.

This client, as with many others, benefitted significantly from skills transfer by working alongside the High Growth team.