Company History

High Growth Ltd was founded by Richard Goodier in February 2002, in response to the increasing frustration felt by business owners in being unable to recruit and retain talented people in the key positions in their businesses.

After five years of high activity, primarily in the north of England, High Growth opened an office in Oxfordshire in 2007, enabling it to access the whole of the South East and beyond. Subsequently Pauline Cakebread joined the Board of the company, having been very influential in the development of our presence in the South East.

High Growth focuses on the SME business market, typically companies with 15 – 250 staff or £2m - £50m turnover. We have engaged people across all functions, up to and including board level. In 2011 we worked with some businesses that were preparing to scale up from entrepreneurial control to a full board of directors or senior management team, either of which is so essential to create realiseable value within a small/medium sized business.

High Growth staff have all been recruited using the company’s own methods, which should be no surprise as we know of no better way of hiring great people!