A recruitment company that cares about the candidates? Absolutely!

Our commitment to you  High Growth's commitment to candidates is clear. We will work very closely with you to support you through each stage, communicating with you openly and regularly. Feedback will be available at various points should you wish it, and you will always be treated with respect as a fellow professional.

A personal service  If you are looking for a new position, you are probably at some sort of crossroads in your career. We will help in whatever way works best for you to manage and/or develop your career. Our service is a personal one, and we are interested in you as an individual. We can help you identify your skills, and show which may be transferrable to an entirely different sector.

An informative selection process  Our Selection Days give you an excellent opportunity to show us and our client exactly what you are capable of, and give you a priceless opportunity to see what others at your level have in their kitbag, enabling you to benchmark yourself. We offer all candidates attending a Selection event constructive feedback, and help them with final interviews, if offered.

Showing not telling  We believe in giving you the opportunity to show us rather than simply tell us what you are good at, and we work very hard to match your aptitude, behaviour and motivation with the culture of the employing company. This is crucial to a successful outcome.

Continued support  Once appointed, you will benefit from a period of coaching in your new job, as this is a standard part of our offer to all clients. What's more, this coaching is entirely confidential to you as the new employee. If you need to sound off, to make adjustments, to alter behaviours, we will help you do all that, supportively, behind closed doors


High Growth Recruitment Testimonial

High Growth has provided me with a rare experience within the world of individual placement and has well and truly broken the mould of any previous consultancy I have experienced – from both employee and employer perspectives.

Making the change across differing business sectors while making best use of personal skills and attributes has been made possible with the lateral and logical thinking High Growth have been able to offer. Recognition of skills transfer opportunities is such a rare thing, in my experience.

The High Growth team has continually worked with my interests at heart without undue pressure or hassle, and has been totally professional in their assessments of both opportunity and candidate while providing a unique and tailored approach to recruitment.

Through continued working relationships, Richard has given great advice and support long beyond my first appointment, facilitating the integration of new personnel and their on-going personal development.

I would recommend High Growth to anyone who truly values a unique, personal and exceptional service. High Growth Recruitment Testimonial

Alex Varnava
Quality Manager at LTi Metaltech Ltd
Formerly Operations Director at John Jones Ltd and a Formula 1 Race Engineer
February 2012

other feedback...

Mark Simon candidate for CEO at a major, automotive sector, management systems business

I wanted to thank you for hosting a thoughtful and entertaining day yesterday at the Weston Manor Hotel. You did a great job in getting a (naturally) self-conscious bunch of us to relax and therefore provide your client with a much richer sense of the candidates they were interested in. I think, in particular, Richard was especially effective at putting us at our ease, respecting and deferring to the (inevitable) egos in the room, and generally making it all work wonderfully.

James S. Wong candidate for MD in a manufacturing organization

Outside of jury selection, it was the first time that I have been part of an all day group recruitment process. Frankly, I did not expect that such an innovative process would work well for the MD position, but I’m delighted that it went so well. The exercises were extremely challenging and fun.

Judging by the caliber of the other candidates, your client should already be spoilt for choice and would imagine that the next selection stage will be much more ephemeral and difficult. Personal chemistry and the ability to quickly build trust, respect and confidence will be extremely important.

Jonathan Barraclough candidate for Commercial Director in an Oil & Gas exploration consultancy

I enjoyed the event indeed. Being out of your comfort zone stretches one and provides challenge. Granted though it is odd to think that you are being observed and evaluated whilst amongst your peers, who are competitors for a plum role.

High Growth must be credited for delivering what was a superb experience for this candidate and, I believe, the whole group. It was a battle in which all who participated were on one side, success almost certain. Very sad that I did not push enough to make the final sort and enter the last phase.