About Us

Our purpose:

  • to create the very best possible match between the culture of the company and the highly qualified individuals it needs to recruit.
  • to help business owners and leaders to create wealth by identifying for them the right people with the right attitudes.
  • to support businesses looking to scale up by specifying people who can handle future job roles when the change plan has been achieved.

High Growth
has been described as the matchmakers of the business world, matching the aptitude, behaviour and motivation of individuals with the culture of a company. The importance of this approach is illustrated by recent statistics reported in January 2012 on LinkedIn, which showed that of 20,000 hires, 46% were no longer in post after 18 months. Of those who left their positions, 89% had done so due to personality and other soft skill misfits, with only 11% leaving due to skills, knowledge and experience issues. Our innovative STARS™ system forms the basis of our intelligent approach to recruiting.

Openness and honesty are very important to the Directors of High Growth so we don't shy away from those difficult conversations. We will always communicate constructively with our clients, including those difficult issues which need to be thought through carefully. The important thing is that all potential problem areas are addressed and that the relationship works for all parties.

We provide support to the business community in a variety of ways, through speaking at seminars and events and participating in Chamber of Commerce activities.

Outside the STARS™ system, we can perform a halo of extra services, including business mentoring, influencing thinking, strategic activity, responding to different approaches to recruiting, and outsourcing. We are very happy to explore all aspects of recruiting with you and to provide an objective viewpoint, in order to make a constructive contribution that ensures that you achieve your aims.